Eye Make-Up Tricks for Brown Eyes

One of the best parts of having brown eyes is that instead of a few complimentary colors, or even a few different colors, your eye color can be the center of attention. And in a way, this is your advantage. Because brown is the color of mystery, your eye color can be any one. But if you want to make your eyes look mysterious, you’ll have to vary the eye shadows you use.

In the Beginning…When learning how to apply eye makeup for brown eyes, the mistake that most women make is thinking that they need only one color. Remember, you don’t. Not if you have brown eyes! But you do need to use colors that compliment each other.

Your shadow plays the largest role in your eye color. But you’ll also need to use eye shadows that complement the color of your eyes. If you have brown eyes, and red hair, you can use green eye shadows. If your eyes are green or hazel, you can use blue shadows.

The most important thing to remember is that your eye shadow should complement your eye color. เย็ดสาวหีฟิต That is, if you have eyes like scared, you should not use too much green eye shadow. But if your eyes are like big, you only need 2 or 3 blue eye shadows. Using too much shadow can make your eyes look smaller, so don’t use too much shadow unless your eye diameter is small.

All of these eye shadows will be harder to find if you don’t know where and when to buy them. A rule of thumb is to use colors that are main color on your main color areas. If you have brown eyes, you would use mauves, plums, and browns.

For blue eyes the most important color area is the crescent phase, which is from the back of the eye to the bridge of the nose. หนังแอคชัน Use light blue eye shadows to make the crescent appear more prominent. If you have dark brown eyes, use dark blue eye shadows in the crescent area.

For green eyes the primary green eye shadow should be a compliment to the green in your eyes. Also some greens, such as deep emera green and bright periwinkle, can be used to draw attention to the green in your eyes.

Use slanted eye shadow brushes to apply shadow. facing eyes to make it look even. slanted eye shadow brushes also have little dots to make eyes look bigger.

No matter what color your eyes are, always pick eye shadow that matches your green eyes.

Start with the lightest color eye shadow. Never use darker color eye shadow. Darker color will just make your eyes look older. Though if you have leukemia, you might want to use black eye shadow because it is darker than your normal eye shade.

Why not give yourself a smoky eye look with kohl liner and black eye shadow.Start with the lid. หนังบู๊มันส์ๆ Use a flat brush to apply kohl liner. Then apply the black eye shadow from the crease of the lid to the brow bone.

Now it is time for the illusion of dark. Apply the medium color eye shadow over the lids and check it. It should not be as obvious as it would be if used alone. Use the darkest color eye shadow. Apply it in the crease and extend it to the crease of the eyelid.

The eyeliner should be as close to the lashes as possible, giving a smoky look. If you do not like black, you can use another color as long as it is black. UL also offers a black eyeliner pencil.

The above steps will make the blue eyes of you look amazing. เล่นเสียว Take a chance because you have nothing to lose.

Foundations should come in a cream base.

lammasity should start with a base foundation that matches your skin color. If you need a little tint, you can use a little tinted moisturizer [http://www.cosmetics-online.org/lipigeneral.php] .

Pick a light, medium, and dark eye color.Pick a light, medium, and dark eye shadow.Lighter colors would make your eyes look brighter. Darker colors would make them look darker. หีน่าเลีย For a more dramatic look, apply some combination colors. By combining colors and shades, you would be able to make a statement.

Get ready for the summer and look like a ray of sunshine!