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Sonic the Hedgehog Arcade in the Xbox Live

In Sonic the Hedgehog (Xbox Live Arcade), Sonic must fight with evil Dr. Robotnik and obtain Chaos Emeralds to win the game. If you are unable to finish the whole game, you can save the game and retrace to the stage where you stop. To win the game, Sonic must collect all six Chaos Emeralds. […]

Mackers – The Pursuit of the Perfect Recipe

Mackers are traditional German winter meats. They are used in the same way that we use sausages in the UK. They are thin sliced and seasoned, usually with salt. They are normally sliced and pan fried or grilled. They are also used in soups. In the winter months, regardless of what the weather, Mackers are […]

How Organic Meat Can Help With Weight Loss

Organic foods and beverages are becoming more and more popular, but many people are only aware of organic foods  with a much deeper understanding of what it means for a food product to be certified as organic. For meat and animal products,  the process for certification is carefully monitored to make sure that standards are […]

My Dog Has Allergies, Now What?

The first thing to realize if your dog has allergies, is that there is no cure for allergies. Allergies can only be managed and the allergy sufferer can become as complaisant as possible. A lot of effort can go into diagnosing and establishing a dog’s allergy to avoid too much flare up of an inflexible, […]

Adopting a Large Dog – Some Things to Consider

Are you considering adopting a large dog? If you are, you’re making a wise choice. bigger dogs are healthier, happier, have more tolerance for smaller children, and you can really add a lot to their quality of life. They’re also better companions. When you adopt a big dog, you’re taking on a lot of responsibility. […]